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Atlantic County Clean Communities Program Announces Fall Litter Challenge

Oct 06, 2022

The Atlantic County Clean Communities Program, administered by Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA), is excited to announce its Fall Litter Challenge.
The contest is open to all Atlantic County residents and challenges volunteers to pick up as much litter as possible from roadways, parks, or other public areas from October 1-23. The first, second and third place winners will receive $500, $300, and $100 mini-grants, respectively, for their efforts.
“We’re excited to offer this challenge as a way to motivate our adopt-a-road groups and others who may be interested in joining the program,” said Atlantic County Clean Communities Coordinator Rebecca Turygan. “The challenge will help put continued focus on litter prevention and cleanup efforts.”
Volunteers are invited to create a team (limited to 15 people or less) to clean up litter found in public areas. Each team must report bags of trash or recycling collected through an online form after each cleanup. Pictures of material must be sent to verify the cleanups. Safety gear and supplies can be provided.
Since ACUA began administering the program in 2005, more than 60 percent of Atlantic County roadways have been adopted. In 2021, 381 cleanups were held, 1,007 bags of litter and 675 bags of recycling were removed from local roadways, and 371 miles were cleaned.

To learn more about the litter challenge, click here.